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Trashing Toys – With Recalls, What’s a Parent to Do?

Posted Aug 26 2008 11:36pm

Now that middle class parents everywhere are concerned about toys made in China and busily sneaking offending items out of their children’s realm, one wonders what is to become of them? The toys, not the children.

Right around this time of year many of us plan our yearly or bi-yearly yard sale, E-bay sale or trip to a charity that accepts old household items. And what about that bag of toys spirited away from the youngsters because of lead, phthalate or concerns about other toxins? What should we do about that? We count on the money earned or the tax write-off to supplement new toys purchase or stretch the household budget.

Well, guiltily packing them off to your local thrift store is an option…but not a perfect one. Take a peek at what is happening at thrift stores around the nation. Some are purchasing lead testing kits. Some are not accepting toys at all. or not accepting those made by certain manufacturers.

Sell them on E-Bay? Don’t even think about it. E-Bay promises to cancel your listing and suspend your account. Craig’s list doesn’t seem to have a policy but when I typed in “Aqua Dots” no listings appeared and a post came up warning of the recall.

Now what? Many companies will exchange recalled toys for toys of similar quality (assuming you want the new toy and trust the manufacturer…doubtful)

Off to the landfill?

Some states are rounding up toys for permanent destruction. If that’s not available where do we take them? The bio-hazard recycling center?

After publishing this I wrote a Follow-up post discussing exactly this issue - What to Do With Recalled Toys...and yes, you do need to take them to the bio-hazard recycling center.

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