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Trash Watch featured on Recycle Nebraska Newsletter

Posted Sep 13 2008 11:53pm
"Should Corporations Share Responsibility for Public Litter?

When you visit your local park, you expect a clean, healthy place to ride your bike, play on the swingset or swim. But we've all seen our fair share of litter and litterbugs. Whose responsibility is it to keep our public spaces looking their best? The simplest answer would be to say that we should all be responsible for the trash we produce. Some might say that it should be the city's job to keep its streets and parks clean. Or you may feel that everyone in the community should pitch in to clean up when it's needed. But should the corporations that make the packaging hold some of the responsibility, too? Sean Bigley thinks so. He started Trash Watch to highlight litter covered with corporate logos. On his website, he asks readers to take pictures of public litter with a corporate logo on it and submit it to him. He hopes to bring this issue to the forefront of a national dialogue. You may ask, "How is McDonald's going to stop someone from dropping that bag in my park?" Sean's answer is this: "They can help through educating their customers, working with the affected community to clean-up the litter their establishments create locally; and/or support their local litter clean-up organizations in the communities they do business in. Its all about being accountable and being a good neighbor."

Should corporations bear some of the responsibility for the growing litter problem we have in this country or does responsibility lie with those who purchased these products? Or maybe it's both. We'd like to know what you think. Send us an email, and we'll post the results in our next newsletter.

Visit Sean Bigley's blog, Trash Watch"

June 2008 Recycle Nebraska Newsletter, a publication of the Nebraska State Recycling Association.
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