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Top vegan myths debunked

Posted Sep 08 2011 9:00am

vegan myths debunked

Eating less meat can do wonders for your health.  Reducing your meat consumption, especially non-organic or non-grass fed meat, can help your body to detox naturally as well as lower the risks of many health problems including heart diseases and cancer.   Skipping meat is also a great way to lower your impact on the environment , as raising cattle is much more polluting than growing vegetables.  So there are clear advantages to include more vegan meals into your diet.  And really, it can be easier than your think.

Top vegan myths debunked

Myth #1: Vegans aren’t getting enough nutrients, especially protein

In fact most people could thrive on less than 6% of protein per day . But even with the higher protein recommendations, you could get one-third of your daily protein requirements in one cup of chickpeas.  And for other nutrients, vitamin B 12 aside, vegan usually gets more nutrients in their diet than people eating meat.

Myth #2: A vegan diet must revolve around processed soy products such as “fake” meats

To be honest, while I often tout the health benefits of reducing your meat consumption, I think that heavily processed soy products are actually worst than red meat when t comes to health.  There are many other, and healthier ways to get your proteins.

Myth #3: It’s complicated because you have to combine certain foods to get complete proteins

This myth comes from the time when scientists thought that complementary amino acids should be eaten at the same time to be properly absorbed. Luckily, new research showed that you don’t have to eat complementary amino acids during the same meal to get the nutrients from it.  Vegans with a varied diet shouldn’t be too concerned about that.

Myth #4: You never really feel full with a vegan meal

Actually, the fullness feeling comes from eating fiber , which a vegan diet is very rich in.  Eating foods that are high in water and fiber, like vegetables, sustains you longer than other type of foods. And on top of that, fiber rich foods promote a healthy digestion, which prevents you from feeling drowsy after lunch.

Myth #5: Besides pastas, there isn’t much to eat

Once you got passed the meat-and-potatoes way of thinking, there’s a whole world of new foods to try.  Actually, vegans tend to eat a wider variety of foods then people on the standard American diet.  It’s time to explore new cooking styles, like Asian, or Indian cuisines.


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