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Tired of Plastic Water Bottles? Try a Paper Bottle!

Posted Dec 02 2008 1:50am

For years we have been consuming bottled water in an effort to free ourselves from the contaminants lurking in tap water such as chlorine.  However, by fixing one problem we have created another.  Bottled water usage is resulting in tremendous amounts of plastic being dumped into land fills 1.  As we all know, it takes an extremely long time for plastic to degrade.

So what are we to do?  Do we stop drinking bottled water?  We could, but with cancer rates and various other illnesses on the rise, many people would rather avoid drinking potentially harmful chemicals if they had the choice.  So again, this leads me back to my original question…what are we to do?

Brandimage may have the solution we’ve been searching for.  They have designed a water bottle made from 100% recycled, food-grade paper, which can been used for all consumable liquids.

The water bottle, called the 360 Water Bottle, is a wonderful product, but many questions are yet to answered.  How much does the bottle cost and what is the likelihood of it replacing the plastic bottle anytime soon?  Since it’s made from paper, does it ever leak?  How durable is it?  Will the paper act like an insulated keeping drinks cold or hot?  How much more energy will it take to cool a drink if you put it in a refrigerator?

Once these questions are answered, people will start to form their opinions and perhaps the product will hit mainstream.  I hope something happens before our planet gets covered in a heap of plastic.

1. - Americans throw out 60 million plastic bottles per day with only 14% being recycled.  An estimated 65 million plastic bottles used by Torontonians each year, end up in the Michigan landfill.


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