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Tips for Making Your Home More Energy Efficient This Winter

Posted Jan 12 2012 6:57pm
It’s back, Ottawa! The cold weather is once again upon us, and that means heating bills will begin to creep up as the temperature falls. Heating the home typically makes up about half the amount of money and energy that the average family uses. The good news, is that there are some things you can do to help make your home more energy efficient this winter. Here are some things you can do to make your home more energy efficient this winter:
  • Insulate well.It is important to make sure that your walls and attic are well insulated, or a lot of energy will be lost. The money you invest in adding insulation will usually be well spent and will add up in energy savings throughout the year.
  • Choose high energy.If you find yourself in the position of needing a new furnace this winter, opt for one that is high energy.
  • Reduce temperature.You can save energy by reducing your water heater temperature setting. Typically, each 10 degrees that you reduce your water heater temperature setting will result in a 3-5 percent savings in energy costs.
  • Seal windows.Plug those drafts coming into the home, which are adding to your energy bill. Pick up some sealant and within minutes you can have this problem solved.
  • Close damper.If you have a fireplace and are not using it, always close the damper. Many people forget this little step, which can cause a lot of heat to go right out the chimney.
 Taking these steps above will help you save money on your energy bills this winter, but it is also more environmentally friendly. And if you have an old water heater to get rid of, or other household junk, such as old furniture, appliances, or items from a cleanout, give us at a call atCapital Junk. We serve the entire Ottawa area with a full range of environmentally friend junk removal services.
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