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Tie-Dye Car - A Great Green Eco-Chic Choice In A Down Economy

Posted Aug 30 2010 8:03am

Tie Dye Car.jpg

With an energetic "K-BONG" I smack my head against the front door as I open it. How I managed to do this is still a mystery, but it is the telling beginning of a long and arduous business day.

Two business meetings with sponsors before noon, followed by a late luncheon meeting, and a hurried drive back to take my youngest to gymnastics lessons. Mental speed - approximately 100 miles per hour - non-stop with full-on stress mode turned to high.

Then I spotted the above car parked in a Chicagoland suburban parking lot when I stopped for almond milk at Whole Foods. SCREECHHHHH TO A HALT!!!! First, I smiled. Next, I got out of my car and circled this lovely tie-dye celebration of the '70s wearing my business suit and grinning like I had just discovered gold.

This was a salute to reclaiming a real piece-of-junk and giving it purpose. I mean, face it, this hunk o'rust was duct taped together. Literally. But it is a down economy and Americans are learning to reuse what they own to make it last longer. While some might think this car is an embarrassment to car-kind, I tend to think it is a triumph of green eco-chic awareness.

Better yet, it made me stop my super-energizer-bunny day and really think about how life is meant to be lived - it is not always fast, sometimes it should be about being slower and more thoughtful. 

Creatively building your lifestyle to reuse what you have instead of wasting and throwing it away in the landfill before it's time; just good common sense people. Do it!!

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