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The World is Going Green, You Coming?

Posted Sep 07 2008 8:37pm

This past weekend the little town of Plymouth, MI hosted the Green Street Fair. The Green Street Fair provided and opportunity for local Michigan based businesses and national companies to show off their greenness and educate the rest of us. Big names like Whole Foods, Toyota, and Lear were all part of the sponsorship but the really remarkable companies were the small businesses. You wouldn’t believe what products/businesses go green these days.

A couple of the booths that surprised me were organic house cleaning and car cleaning supplies, yellow pages recycling programs, turn your regular gasoline car into a fuel efficient car, purifiers to clean your dirty tap water, oh and trendy reusable bags to use for groceries. There were also large displays of all the electric and hydrogen powered vehicles on the market currently, some of them you could even test drive. And of course Vespa made an appearance and drew more of an audience than the Prius.

Like any good street fair it wasn’t just booths that were set up. The fair had a whole host of speakers at the event, musicians performing, crafts for kids, and live cooking classes of healthy organic meals. This one mile radius of downtown Plymouth was filled up with booths of companies who had some kind of product that could make us all “cleaner.” It really gives you hope that the solutions to improving our planet are out there it’s just a matter of all us getting on the band wagon and using them.

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