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The Science Of Transdermal Time-Release Patch Delivery Of Dietary Supplements Versus Oral Delivery

Posted Feb 03 2012 8:30am

The Science Of Transdermal Time-Release Patch Delivery Of Dietary Supplements Versus Oral Delivery

For the last 100 plus years, we’ve been swallowing pills, capsules, powdered drinks, and sublingual sprays, to get the benefits of health and fitness dietary supplements.
Today, most doctors will tell you that oral delivery has become “old-school”, as the science of transdermal time-release patch delivery replaces hundreds, if not thousands of dietary supplements and prescriptive medications each year.

The key to understanding the advantages of transdermal patches versus pills, capsules, drinks and sprays, is the word “Delivery”.
The formulas in most oral dietary supplements are good, if not very good!
But the strengths and weaknesses of oral supplement delivery comes into better focus if you understand the how hard it is to delivery supplement formulas when swallowed, versus direct to bloodstream transdermal patch delivery.

OK, that being said, here are the steps, or stages that a perfectly good dietary supplement formula goes through when swallowed in pills, capsules, powdered drinks or sublingual sprays.
1. You swallow the pill, capsule, mixed drink, or spray. Good so far – right?
2. In your stomach, the supplement is bathed in incredibly powerful digestive acids for 2 to 4 hours; depending on what else you eat before, or after you swallow the supplement.
3. Anywhere from 50% to 95% of the original supplement dosage is destroyed by the digestive acids in your stomach
4. After 2 to 4 hours, the surviving supplement dosage leaves your stomach and enters your small intestine where, over another 2 to 6-hours, it can be absorbed into your bloodstream to deliver the benefits of the formula.

Bottom line: When you take any dietary supplement orally, at best you only get 50% of the original formula dosage, and in most cases a lot less then that, no matter how good the formula is!

OK, lets see how transdermal patch delivery works 1. You place the patch on your arm or your stomach.
2. Over 4 to 12 hours, depending on the patch, the formula dosage moves through your skin, directly into your bloodstream.
3. Most high-quality transdermal patches deliver over 95% of the formula dosage safely into your bloodstream.
4. The time-release function of the patch allows your system to metabolize the formula dosage efficiently so you get the full benefit of the original dosage.
Bottom line: Transdermal patch delivery of dietary supplement formulas is direct to bloodstream delivery and you get the full benefits of the formula dosage over an extended time that allows your system to take full advantage of the formula ingredients and benefits.

At Phase4 Pharmaceutical, we are at the forefront of research and development of transdermal patch delivery of USA made and inspected health and fitness dietary supplements. We hope you will visit our website , or call us at: (305) 788 6604 (EST) to learn more about our products and our company.

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