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The Metro Atlanta Chamber Speaks My Language. So I Joined.

Posted Feb 07 2013 6:25am
Water. Transportation. Making the region attractive to the changing priorities of up-and-coming generations. No, this is not some tree-hugger group's agenda list. Add in focuses on global commerce, on the extraordinary innovation and creativity in sectors such as mobile, biosciences, clean technology, and supply chain management, and on the pointed goal of attracting more companies committed to sustainability and you have the economic development list of priorities for the Metro Atlanta Chamber.*

At the Metro Atlanta Chamber (MAC), I believe I have found a business development organization that's talking my language and people who understand that being good stewards of our multiple resources has benefits across the board (environmentally, socially, and economically) and into the future (see a previous post of mine, Bravo, Metro Atlanta Chamber ). And so I signed up my 17-year-old marketing communications writing studio as a new member. I trotted up to Nancy Whatley, the  MAC's vice president of entrepreneurial development, at the end of the new member orientation yesterday and said, "I'm not one for coming and sitting at meetings. I'm a do-er. What can I do for you?"

And so we'll see.

In the meantime, here is a little video I shot while standing across the street from the MAC's lovely building, in Centennial Olympic Park, about the odd circle of life that has now brought me back to this very spot. 

A Business Career Coming Full Circle (Reflections while at Centennial Olympic Park) from Pattie Baker on Vimeo .

I moved to Atlanta from New York City in late1989 at the age of 26 to work for CNN as its sales promotion manager in the National Ad Sales department, where I worked for four years (eventually on projects for all the Turner networks), followed by two years at the UPS headquarters. I then launched my business a few months after my older daughter was born in 1995. 

In 1996, the year Centennial Olympic Park opened, I was hired to write the Atlanta Regional Commission's Commute Solutions marketing materials to encourage employers to let their workers utilize alternatives to driving during the Olympic Games and beyond. While running my studio, I've written for my old employers, Turner Broadcasting and UPS, plus The American Cancer Society, Cox Enterprises, and many more companies and non-profits. See some of these projects here . I also launched and led the Sustainability Commission for the newest city in the United States and helped start a pile of urban agriculture projects (which is a topic about which I write frequently for regional and national publications). I've ghost-written and blogged in company leaders' voices, and interviewed more people than you can imagine (Robert Goulet about his prostate cancer, for instance). What can I write for your company?  How can I help your top executives and best clients showcase your sustainability, innovation, and creativity stories more fully? If you are a member of the Metro Atlanta Chamber, you can find my business listed in the member directory as Sustainable Pattie .

Sustainability is my passion. Business is my background (and I believe corporations have enormous power to change the world for the better--see what happened when UPS stopped making lefts in my post Corporations Making the Right Turn ). Metro Atlanta is my home. Let's link up on LinkedIn , and let's work to make this city (and world) the best it can be.

*The Metro Atlanta Chamber serves businesses in Georgia’s capital and largest city's metropolitan area, which is comprised of 28 counties in North Georgia, making it the ninth largest metropolitan statistical area, or MSA, in the United States.
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