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The Menacing Success Story of Plastic Bags

Posted Oct 02 2008 4:20pm

The success story of plastic bags has been phenomenal. But this success is now ready for a challenge, a challenge demanding attention as the safety of our environment is at stake. Plastic bags are everywhere to be found; in fact, they constitute 80-90% of a grocery store. Try finding out how many plastic bags are at your home. Bet, they would number at least 50. Why not, plastic bags are so convenient to carry and can be disposed anywhere you like.

Research suggests that a staggering number of plastic bags are used by the world population. Plastic bags are manufactured at a cheaper price than paper bags and this is one of the main reasons of their extensive use. Overlooking the benefits of plastic bags, we confront the threat of an irreparable damage being done to the environment. Plastic bags take several months, even hundreds of years to degrade and thus clog drains, drift on seas, hang from trees making themselves an absolute nuisance to the environment.

The hazards of plastic bag use are now being taken seriously and efforts are on to promote reusable or eco-friendly bags. However, without the support of the people at large, this movement would be ineffective. Countries like Taiwan, South Africa, Australia, Ireland, and Bangladesh have introduced strict laws against the use of plastic bags. Similar operations are being considered in England and America. But the success story of these operations has not been smooth. Many countries across the globe still need to motivate people against the use of plastic bags.

To bring about a revolution against the use of plastic bags, efforts to promote their substitutes should be made stronger. For instance, reusable shopping bags or eco bags should target the urban youth. Trendy eco bags bags are fast becoming a rage in the fashion circle. The only area where plastic bags give them a stiff competition is price. Hence, efforts must be concentrated towards manufacturing eco bags at as much nominal price as possible. Considering the cost that plastic bags is causing to the environment, its worth paying more for eco-friendly bags.

About the Author:
Suzanne Macguire is an expert writer and an environmental activist, promoting the use ofreusable shopping bags.
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