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The Litter of Life

Posted Aug 12 2008 4:20pm

I got this bag from Whole Foods for 99 cents the other day (and, by the way, I made it out of Whole Foods with spending only about 28 bucks--it was a record. Whole Foods is very expensive, BUT, if you use an unprecedented, almost inhuman amount of discipline, you can seek out and buy just the things that are priced affordably. Tofu. Dried beans. A few fresh, local fruits and vegetables. Some store-brand products. Skip the cheese, chocolate and olives, if you can convince yourself that life is still living without those things!)

Anyway, so I noticed that the list of "things made with used plastic bottles" is growing:

* Shopping bags

* T-shirts (from Coke for sale at Wal-Mart--think what you want of this)

* My bottle trees

* Vases (I cut any plastic bottles that I find or that somehow make their way into my house in half and fill the bottom with herbs and flowers to give to folks who drop by)

* Art

* Crafts

* Garden aids

A few years ago, an inspired pre-school teacher I knew tied in with the amazing glass artist Dale Chihuly's gorgeous exhibit at the Atlanta Botanical Garden by having the students created a mock-Chihuly exhibit made out of plastic bottles in their classroom.

And so, I wonder. What else can I do with the plastic bottles that still litter life - How else can I transcend their tarnished reputation and make something clever and useful and positive?

And, by the way, you won't believe this, but one of the people running for the city council in my soon-to-be-city apparently claims that his most notable achievement is conceptualizing, developing and producing the world’s first 2-liter plastic beverage bottle and bringing it to market, the project that brought him to Atlanta in 1977 (to Coca Cola, I'm guessing).

Huh? Most notable achievement ?

His profile goes on to say, with pride, that his efforts in leading the conversion of products previously housed in glass containers (among them instant coffee, salad dressings, peanut butter, BBQ sauce, etc., etc.) can be seen and used in households around the world.

Oh my. Sometimes I feel as if I'm from another planet.
Nurturing sustainability close to home and around the world. (And other food for thought!)

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