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The Epoch Table - A take on the Seasonal Table

Posted Aug 26 2008 11:36pm

As my DS gets a bit older, he is getting more and more interested in building and creating. While this often means building spaceships out of Legos or Tinkertoys, his latest interest is prehistoric life. Specifically early mammals. Other kids get into dinosaurs, mine gets into mammoths- go figure.

As part of his exploration of this subject we’ve borrowed books from the library, rented National Geographic videos and visited Natural History museums. We also built a “mammoth hunter hut”. This project made with clay shaped into mammoth bones, twigs and scrap leather, he proudly wished to display. Not only display but, display in context.

The questions would be where.

Reluctant to squash yet another display onto his already crowded shelves and even more reluctant to perch it on my dining room table I hit upon our seasonal table. For the past few years we have kept a seasonal table, changing the theme to reflect the changing seasons several times per year.

As the summer days wane and our seasonal table is due for its fall spruce up, it seemed logical to appropriate it, temporarily, to display our stone age creation. Incorporating a few of the elements of a traditional seasonal table, we added a cloth backdrop and a felted star. It’s not quite traditional but it works for us.

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