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The Dell Latitude E6400 Battery is Designed with High Technology

Posted Mar 13 2013 9:20am

The Dell Latitude E6400 battery is compatible with its specific Dell laptop model. The specs of the battery include; 9 quality cells, type: Li-Ion chemistry, capacity: 7200mAh and comes in black in color. The battery has a one year warranty if purchased from a Dell laptop battery provider or an online store. Li-Ion batteries are the most commonly used with Dell laptops. This is because the chemistry is very efficient and provides great performance.


The battery is manufactured with high priority on compatibility with the Dell Latitude laptop. The Dell battery is thoroughly tested before release to the market in order to provide high performance than the original battery. It is advisable to upgrade the capacity of your laptop battery to increase its runtime. While purchasing your replacement Dell Latitude E6400 laptop battery therefore, you can choose to purchase one with a higher capacity than the original one. In addition, ensure that the original specifications are met.


This Dell laptop battery is manufactured with high quality control-standards with an internal circuit-board as well as small chips, a thermal runaway protection, an over discharged shutoff protection, high and low temperature shut off protection and is an Eco friendly product. All Dell Latitude E6400 batteries are safety guaranteed and are certified by laptop bodies so that customers are fully satisfied. This battery is also long lasting and can be easily discharged and charged for up 800 cycles.


Laptop owners in most cases, always want to have a long lasting battery. To get the most out of your Dell Latitude battery, it is imperative to take good care of it always. To ensure an efficient and long lasting battery, discharge to 0% and then charge the new battery to 100%. This is a recommended practice especially for a new battery. Another very important factor to always consider is using the designated adapter. Charge the battery using the Dell Latitude E6400 adapter. This will help in extending its life span and also in avoiding any damages of the charging system.


Avoid charging the battery for long periods. It is advisable to charge it only when need be. Charging for longer periods leads to over-heating, and can cause damage to the laptop itself. The battery should be charged at least twice in a week, if left for long, the battery should undergo the battery-break recovery procedure so as to revive its normal functioning. Exercise the battery occasionally as well. Reduce the brightness of the screen using the control panel options. You can even set a power profile that ensures good usage of the battery's power. Close all running background processes that you are not using, screen savers should also be avoided, these are known for draining battery's power.


There are several other ways in which you can adapt to extend the life span of your Dell battery for Latitude E6400. Other important ways include; using a hard platform such a wooden desk to place your laptop especially when the battery is installed. Do not use soft platforms that may lead to overheating and consequently a shorter battery life span.


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