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The Benefits of Hand Clapping

Posted May 13 2010 7:51am

by kiwilog


Children who engage in hand-clapping songs show an increase in motor and cognitive skills, according to a recent study about of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.

The study took place over 10 weeks. It found that kiddies in first through third grade who participated in hand-clapping songs during recess had neater handwriting and better writing and spelling skills.

Up until about age 7, kids are frequently exposed to hand-clapping songs. Once they hit age 10, their interest turns towards sports. Researchers are hoping that hand-clapping songs will be integrated into music programs for kids ages 6-10, as this is an imperative stage for cognitive and motor development.

Apparently, hand-clapping is good for adults too. College students reported feeling more focused, relaxed and in a better mood after partaking in such games (mostly because the action reminds them of childhood).

How about a round of applause?

-Nicole McGovern

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