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The Advantages Of Hybrid Car

Posted Oct 02 2008 4:21pm

Hybrid cars are becoming quite popular lately owing to skyrocketing gasoline prices. They are extremely fuel efficient as they combine two sources of energy. Owning a hybrid vehicle has a number of advantages. They are a great relief for car owners who are worried about the ever increasing gasoline prices. Hybrid vehicles offer lesser fuel consumption and greater environmental friendliness.
Hybrid cars work on both gasoline and electric power. The battery need not be charged manually as it works on the principle of rechargeable energy storage system, which is an onboard system that charges the battery while driving. The fuel efficiency of these types of car is excellent owing to the combined source of energy. The primary source of power is the electricity generated by the battery and the second energy source is a conventional combustion engine that runs on gasoline. These two sources of energy work complementary to each other providing the hybrid vehicle excellent fuel efficiency.
As hybrid cars are fairly new introductions, their immediate impact on the environment cannot be judged in the short term. The dual energy source of hybrid vehicles is highly environment friendly. They emit significantly less smog pollutants into the air, compared to gasoline-operated cars. The amount of pollutants and harmful emissions is half when compared to traditional automobiles.
As hybrid vehicles run on both fuel and battery-powered engines, they consume less fuel and spare the owner the pain of falling prey to price pressures in the world oil market.Regarding the savings on using hybrid cars, it is estimated that they can attain over 60 miles per gallon. This will greatly reduce your expense on refueling and your frequent trips to the service station.
The cost of purchasing a hybrid car is higher than that of buying normal models. But when you consider the overall expense of buying a car, a hybrid car will prove to be more economical. Moreover, the price of a car depends on the make, year and model. A special program introduced by the IRS allows hybrid vehicle owners to apply for a tax break. Your local tax preparation office or local car dealer who sells hybrid vehicles can tell you more about this special tax benefit.
If you are planning to purchase a hybrid car, first research on various car models that suit your purchase budget. A local car dealer or online car agent can help you by providing necessary information on available models within your price range. They can also provide you information on various tax benefits in purchasing one. It is advisable that you consider all aspects including tax benefits and interest rates before making a decision.
Since hybrid cars use both electric power and fuel power, each can function independently or in conjunction with each other. The electric power is generated by batteries made from nickel-metal-hydride. These light weight batteries have the ability to store electric power and they can be recharged frequently. The combustion engine used in a hybrid car is smaller and lighter in weight than a normal car engine.
The efficiency of the combustion engine of a hybrid vehicle is maximized because the motor is built based on the average power needed by the hybrid electric car. In contrast, in a conventional car, the size of the combustion engine depends upon the specifications required for the highest level of power demanded.
Most makes of these cars have a compact and lightweight body, enabling easy maneuver on the road. Most models, particularly those made by American and European car makers, come with stylish designs and a sleek look. As they are electrically operated they can run consistently at any motor speed. By contrast, traditional gas-powered engines tend to produce less power at reduced speeds.
One of the advantages of buying a hybrid car is that, you may be able to secure a comparatively lower interest loan on the purchase. Many credit unions and other lending institutions offer lower interest rates to consumers who purchase a hybrid vehicle. Also a hybrid car owner enjoys many tax benefits.
The US government is supporting the hybrid car industry wholeheartedly. It welcomes more hybrid models into the country and encourages American car manufacturers such as General Motors and Ford to make more hybrid vehicles.
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