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Thank You, But No

Posted Mar 18 2013 9:33am
This time of year every year, those of us who are into urban ag in one way or another seem to get a flurry of requests to speak at this or that. 

Some volunteers love to do that (if you are one of those people, please email me and I'll send requests I get your way) and some folks have made it their business to do it (professionals* such as Rashid Nuri , Duane Marcus , Lindsay Mann , and Farmer D are worth every penny you pay them to teach you and your group/city/school, etc.)

I appreciate the invitation, I've done it before, but it's simply not where I feel I'm called to serve with my limited volunteer time** (and it's not my business-- writing is .) And even though those who know me know I like to talk (a lot), I don't like to "speak" or teach. I like to learn as I grow, and I like to invite folks to simply join me

Consider yourself invited.

 * The pros listed here are based in metro-Atlanta. Find local organic growing professionals near you.
** My volunteer hours right now are spent at the food pantry garden at Malachi's Storehouse .
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