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Thank you’s

Posted Jan 24 2011 12:43pm

I just want to say thank you to three people this morning who within a few hours helped me out.
It’s always a good thing to be grateful and let people know you appreciate them!

Silent gratitude isn’t much use to anyone. ~G.B. Stern

1st to Catherine who owns Magic Tan & Massage in Pembroke Pines on the NW Corner of Taft & Douglas here in Pembroke Pines.
She’s been a friend for 17 years and this morning we got to spend time talking. I hadn’t been there to see her for over a month and she was concerned about all the ‘things’ going on here with my daughter, son, Larry, etc. It was great talking with her and of course I grabbed a quickie 8 minute tan (and yes, I use tanning beds! Better, safer, faster, easier than lounging at the beach all day). A quick pick me up tan makes for a world of difference-I feel better-I look better-and well it’s an 8 minute power nap or other times I spend in prayer while tanning-but this morning was a much needed quick ‘get away’ from all the stuff going on!

2nd goes to  Gerri the groomer at Pets Are People Too , also on the NW Corner of Taft & Douglas here in Pembroke Pines, who took care of Chico this morning.
Doesn’t he look “sooooo cute” (as Christa would say)
Gerri got him in and out quickly! Thanks! and he smells good now!

and 3rd thanks goes to Kathy at the USPS — YES the United States Postal Service– on Sheridan & University in Pembroke Pines/Hollywood.
Most people dump on USPS, complain about them, etc. and it drives me nuts.
I defend them when I’m standing in line listening to obnoxious customers scream, cuss, holler and have a fit with them.
Sorry, but you tell me where else you can get a letter from point A to point B for 44 cents or less on your own!
Anyhow, this morning something was dropped in mail then realized there was a mistake, needed to change something in the envelope.
The item was found and retrieved so it could be corrected and mailed properly.
So thank you Kathy and thank you to all who work at USPS and have to tolerate people who treat them like crap.
Don’t know how they do it, because I sure couldn’t!
Which I guess is why I’m the one in line defending them since they can’t!

So much thanks!
I’m feeling better because of an 8 minute pick me up at Magic Tan & Massage
Got Chico back, smelling great, well groomed–in fact all the dogs frequent Pets Are People Too
And, now don’t have to be worried about incomplete envelope being mailed thanks to USPS!

Who or what are YOU thankful for today?
If someone did something nice for you or helped you, did you let them know?
If not…why?
Comment below, let them know they’re appreciated and you’re thankful!

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