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Symbolism of Solar Power Key in Effort of from

Posted Jul 28 2010 8:12am

If you have followed my blog for any period of time, you have read the high praise I have given to the fine environmental advocacy organization Their message of capping the average parts per million of carbon in the Earth’s atmosphere at 350 is precisely the goal which every major effort to reverse global warming should undertake.

Indeed, in its young life, the activism powerhouse has implemented several campaigns with high visibility and symbolism designed to drive government officials and captains of industry in dozens of countries to strive for a cap of 350 parts per million of atmospheric carbon. The success of has been mixed but this sad reality is no denigration on the leadership or alliances of The tragedy is that the propaganda budgets of fossilized industries which favor the status quo make it difficult for any message, no matter how clever, to resonate with the necessary stamina to effect real change.

Never daunted, though, the leadership of has introduced its latest salvo in the battle to bring climate change under control and I would argue that it is their best ever. Meet

When Jimmy Carter was President of the United States of America, he took many key steps to begin to break America’s addiction to petroleum, including the creation of a new cabinet secretariat, the Department of Energy, and installation of photovoltaic solar panels on the roof of the White House, the executive mansion of the government of the United States.

When President Carter lost reelection and was succeeded by a man who ardently embraced OPEC, the solar panels were removed. They haven’t been seen since. History is about to change, thanks to the message and partnerships behind is a campaign website from and other key players in alternative energy advocacy which asks the head of state of every nation to install solar panels atop one or more prominent government buildings, preferably the executive mansion. President Obama has been asked to follow the lead of his predecessor, Jimmy Carter, and install solar panels on the White House. Needless to say, as soon as I learned about this new website, I visited it and signed the petition. You should, too.

No matter where in the world you live, you can sign the petition at The White House is but one of dozens of government buildings in many countries which would provide ample symbolism with solar panels on the roof. I exhort you to sign the petition today. The URL is

Fomenting the Triple Bottom Line

Corbett Kroehler

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