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Study Says: Kids Watch A Lot of TV!

Posted Oct 29 2009 12:00am

3618590890_a655e160c9When it comes to TV, how much is too much for your kid? According to a Nielsen study released earlier this week, children ages 2-5 watch more than 32 hours of TV per week. Older children ages 6-11 watch more than 28 hours per week—but that’s because they spend more time in school. That’s a lot of time! Instead of watching the tube, consider some of these cold-weather activities to do with your kid:

  • Make a recycled craft. We’ve got plenty of easy ones to choose from, like a picture frame, dog collar, or potholder.
  • Get moving. Set up a circuit of activity stations throughout your house, and have your kid spend a few minutes at each one before moving on to the next. Some ideas? How about juggling with bean bags or scarves, crabwalking, or sit-ups with a medicine ball?
  • Check out the library. Does your kid wonder how airplanes fly? Or why leopards have so many spots? Make a list of questions about which your kid is wondering, then find the answers in library books.
  • Take a local tour. Do your neighborhood firefighters like to show kids around the firehouse? Maybe the baker down the street likes to demonstrate how bagels are made? Find out if any local tours or demonstrations go on around where you live—and if they don’t, there’s no harm in asking!
  • Make a new recipe. If there’s some food your kid has yet to try (and we’re betting there is!), pick a recipe together and make it. It could incorporate an ingredient as simple as raisins, or a bigger deal, like Brussels sprouts. After trying the recipe, discuss with your child the things you did and didn’t like.

-Marygrace, KIWI staffer

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