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Stress Relief Tip: Walk away

Posted Feb 17 2011 8:58am

When something you’re trying to do doesn’t work out, it can be extremely stressing on you.
Speaking from experience, I can say it’s best to walk away and relax, refocus, do something else…then go back to the original task.

If something is rattling your nerves, seriously…just stop.

Walk away from the task and go focus on something else.
You can take a break and refocus, relax, do something else and when you feel calm then return to the project.

You do not want to get to the point where you want to throw or destroy the item you’re working on.
I’ve been there. Just ask my computer tech people…one has heard me nearly in tears of frustration, the other has gotten countless emails, text messages within seconds of each other frantic because something wasn’t working out right.

Now, I take my own advice and walk away from frustrating things and come back later on. I’m doing it right now in fact by posting this. I’m currently having a few issues with Quick Time, iTunes and no matter the fact I’ve paid for upgrades, done what Apple support forum says I still cannot get it to work properly. In my past, I would’ve probably tossed the laptop across the room and screamed. Now, today I can walk away knowing that getting stressed over it is not going to help the situation. I’ll either get it all figured out or will calmly be emailing my tech guru girl asking if she knows anything about Quick Time Pro, iTunes..if not, then I’ll calmly call my tech guru guy and pay him to come fix all this nonsense.
Which brings us to another topic, sometimes it’s easier on your stress level to go ahead and pay someone to do a task for you rather than waste hours of your time, get your stress level up and affect your health adversely.

So, if you’re getting frustrated and feel the stress building Stop
Walk away
Come back later
If you still can’t resolve issue or complete the task, have someone else do it for you!

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