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Stress Buster Tip: Stay away from triggers

Posted Feb 15 2011 9:39am

Know your stress triggers and avoid them.

If you know you don’t like driving in traffic, don’t.
Plan your driving route on lesser traveled roads or at non rush hour times so you can drive and remain calm.
If you can’t avoid rush hour traffic, then perhaps listen to some calming music or pray while you drive to not get stressed over the traffic.

If a conversation about politics, religion, green subjects, global warming, consumerism, recession, finances or any other topic is too overwhelming for you..avoid those conversations.These are usually hot topics for many and get people riled.

If you’re not appreciated at work and are “stressing” over situations…stop.
Don’t let it get to you and affect you adversely.
Do your job and once away from work, don’t dwell on things…let it go until tomorrow when you’re back on the job.

If crowds and gatherings send you into panic attacks, avoid them.
If you were to go to a concert and be amongst thousands of screaming people, you may miss out on the enjoyment if you’re too busy being stressed and annoyed with the people around you.

If you’re sound and smell sensitive, a trip to a crowded mall may send you into a frenzy. The aromas, fragrances, noise of blaring music in stores, people talking, kids screaming can all be stressful. If people stampeding and pushing to get a sale bother you…avoid the mall…shop online. Shopping online is much easier on a person…no traffic, no crowds, no noise, no smells, no stress.

Learn and acknowledge what your stress triggers are and avoid them.
Just stop doing things that you find annoying, stressful or upset you.

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