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Straight From the Makers of Clorox

Posted Sep 07 2008 8:14pm

I recently received an email from a research scientist who works for the makers of CLOROX Bleach commenting on “a few misconceptions in my post about bleach (See “Living without bleach”). To protect the privacy of this commenter I will refer to him as “Mr. CLOROX”. Also, the bleach he is referring to is sodium hypochlorite (i.e. CLOROX and other household bleach) not chlorine bleach.

According to “Mr. CLOROX” I am right that bleach is a mixture of water and sodium hypochlorite however to call it “chlorine bleach” is incorrect since there is no free chlorine in bleach. So the info I stated about dioxin or mercury tied to chlorine use is not related to CLOROX bleach whether household or institutional. Furthermore, the most recent American Association of Poison Control Centers database shows that there have been no reported deaths related to sodium hypochlorite - and the CDC also states that “most families will not be exposed to high levels of sodium or calcium hypochlorite”.

Last but not least, household bleach is not known to cause cancer and research has shown that by-products formed by reacting sodium hypochlorite bleach with household soils are broken quickly down by septic- and waste treatment systems.

You can learn more about this at the Facts About Bleach website.

My goal is to be open minded and learn more about products and their effects on the environment. I will say though that I do have a hard time believing government agencies and manufacturers of products that contain chemicals. To me it’s like believing a pharmaceutical company that side effects rarely happen. But, it’s an individuals decision on what you choose to use.

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