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Still Need a Resolution for 2010? Resolve for the Climate!

Posted Jan 13 2010 7:00am

With 2010 well underway and the attention of people in most every nation slowly turning from the global economic recession to building toward a cleaner, greener future, I have a simple question: do you still need a resolution for the new year? If so, I urge to you resolve for the climate with 3 easy steps.

As I shared in one of my very first blog posts way back in 2007, you should institute a personal ban on incandescent light bulbs. CFLs and LEDs are vastly superior for a variety of reasons and all of us should embrace them zealously.

It is equally important that we ban the use of plastics in our lives wherever possible. One quick example is plastic shopping bags. They are an ecological menace with superior alternatives now offered in many retail establishments. As I shared with you this time last year, my favorite is the Retote recycled shopping bag from Target. However, most any bag made of canvas or recycled fibers, which is designed for an extended life span of reuse, will do.

Then, we have the other noxiously common use of plastics, the one-way beverage container. In the decade which just ended, we saw an explosion in the use of plastic bottles, especially for water. I have railed against them and told you about the enormous damage they inflict on sea life when they are not discarded properly.

What can you do? Embrace one of the superior alternatives to plastic water bottles such as the I Am Not Plastic aluminum water bottle. I have owned this fabulous product for over a year and simply love it.

If instituting a personal ban on incandescent light bulbs is step 1 in my recommended resolution for the climate for 2010 and rejecting plastic shopping bags and one-way beverage containers is step 2, what is step 3?

Tell your friends! Nothing will move us toward success in the battle to save our planet than cultural change. The average person is skeptical when it comes to deviating from the routine which propaganda from entrenched industries such as Big Oil and their friends tells us is part of modern living. However, your skeptical friends will believe you more than a television commercial. This simple fact gives you power.

Embrace it!

Disclosure of consideration: The opinions expressed in this blog post are my own. They were not influenced by any outside party. Moreover, I have no financial interest in any of the merchants or vendors mentioned herein.

Fomenting the Triple Bottom Line

Corbett Kroehler

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