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Start a Green Band with Sustainable Gear

Posted Dec 11 2013 8:11pm

The Mada guitar is made of organic hemp Fancy yourself a musician? Then  play a tune for the environment while marching to the beat of a different drum with these eco-friendly axes and drum kits.

And remember, the only thing that sounds better than saving the environment is giving a gift. So keep these eco-instruments in mind when you're shopping for that niece who just decided she wants to be a rock star when she grows up.


Mada Series
Sing the praises of the hemp revolution accompanied by a guitar or bass with a body built entirely out of organic hemp, instead of rare or endangered wood. 

The Mada Caimes and Mada Sab  are Austrian-made semi-acoustic guitars and basses made of 100 percent organic hemp pulp. The pulp is processed without milling (unlike standard wood guitar production) into "hempstone" and then turned into a guitar body with a signature fluid design. They  don't sound too bad  either.

Hemp based Mada guitars

Simon Lee's Cyclotron Guitars
Not so into hemp? Well how about a guitar made from old industrial pipes? Or tossed-out coffee cups or yogurt containers? Maybe you want to stick close to the music and get one made out of old CDs? Simon Lee 's guitar bodies come in crazy, sometimes psychedelic colors determined by the recycled  materials he uses. Don't forget the  eco-picks  to go with his awesome guitars, and watch this aspiring guitarist test one out.

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