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Small Fish Endangered Due to Overproduction of Animal Feed

Posted Oct 31 2008 7:14am

I had no idea that humans use up to one-third of all fish in the ocean to produce animal feed.

Even though the fish that are being used to feed chickens, pigs and farm-raised fish are small, like anchovies, scientists are beginning to see how this can drastically affect both marine and human life.

Why is this so alarming?

  • Ninety percent of the 31.5 million tons of fish that are caught are used for fish meal or fish oil. This endangers the other marine life and birds who feed on the small fish.
  • It takes 5 pounds of this fish meal to produce only 1 pound of a farm-raised fish. Why do we have to waste 4 pounds of good fish?

Scientists believe we can solve this problem by having humans consume the extra 4 pounds of fish. But since these fish are high in omega-3 fatty acids, we would have to monitor how much we consume.

Do you agree with this solution, or do you have a better idea?

Here’s the full article on Reuters.

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