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Shy? or Smart? what do you think?

Posted Mar 17 2009 4:37am

I know weird title but it’s what’s on my mind.
Today while standing in line at the Post Office I got to witness a sadly common practice amongst parents and strangers.
I’ve seen this happen on more than one occasion, yet every time it occurs I stand dumbfounded…
okay, sometimes I open my mouth and make a comment, other times I stand in disbelief.

I remember being taught not to talk to strangers. I remember teaching my children that they aren’t to talk to strangers. I’ve taught them how to be aware of strange or questionable people in their surroundings.

We’ve all heard the term Stranger Danger, right?
and “Don’t talk to strangers.”
Especially in this day and age…you never know who’s who or what’s what.

So, then why in the line at the post office do idiot mom’s pressure their little ones to talk to the weird old creepy guys in line?

I’ve seen it countless times.
And, no I’m not stereotyping older men but thus far it’s always been some creepy old man who even gives me the willies who starts talking to the little ones that are with mom in line. The little ones usually do not talk back… until mom makes them respond.

Conversation usually goes like this:
Creepy guy: Hi there (to little boy or girl)
little one usually then hides behind mom’s leg or something
Mom: Go ahead, say hi.
little one still hiding, not saying a word
Mom: oh he/she’s shy
Creepy Guy (now crouched down to kids level): it’s ok you can talk or cat got your tongue
(side note: how lame is that “cat got your tongue” saying anyhow?? I mean seriously….and WHY is it “ok” to talk to you? weird creepy guy…)
little one still not speaking
Mom: oh he/she must really be in his/her shy mood today
Creepy Guy gets even closer to kid hanging onto mom’s leg: Really it’s ok you can say hi to me.
Mom: c’mon whateverkidsnameis can’t you speak to the nice man
(side note: how on earth does mom know this creepy dude is a “nice man”??)
little one still not speaking
Creepy Guy then usually pats kid on head and then proceeds to talk to mom who divulges all kinds of personal info on kid like name, age, blah blah blah

helloooooooooooooooooooo moms why are you making excuses and calling your child “shy”?
Perhaps they’re just SMART enough to realize that the dude is weird or creepy because I’ve seen same little ones talk to other people who appear to be not so creepy or weird.
So, really…are your little ones shy? or are they smarter than you and can distinguish who they shouldn’t talk to?


We try our best to protect our children, we want what’s best for them. We eventually have to let go of the tricycle and let them pedal on their own but we also have to not push them to do what their gut/instinct says not to do….like not to talk to weird creepy people at the post office or elsewhere.

So, moms/dads instead of making excuses and saying your little one’s “shy”…how about being straight up and either don’t talk to the weird creepy person yourself or tell that weird creepy person your little one’s not allowed to talk to strangers.

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