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Should Being Green Be a Partisan Issue?

Posted Mar 11 2011 3:07pm

Just how informed and mature are our U.S. representatives?  Do they care about anything but getting back at the “other political party"?  Do they have any educated thoughts at all? According to NPR , Republicans have re-introduced the plastic foam coffee cup  and are doing away with the Green the Capital program that Democrats started four years ago.  This program was designed to reduce the footprint of the federal government and required the use of biodegradable utensils and trays plus composting food wastes.
Chairman of the Committee on House Administration, Dan Lundgren, says that the program was too expensive, so he reinstated plastic.  The program costs $475,000 more per year but it is not clear what that involved.  Did Lundgren consider the cost of hauling plastic to the landfill or the cancer dangers of Styrofoam?  I wrote a letter to Dan Lundgren of California and to my own representative Todd Rokita of Indiana to request the data that went into this decision.  I have not heard back from either one yet.

I find it disheartening that our government representatives’ main objective is to get back at the other political party whenever possible.  These people are making decisions for us, the everyday people.  They should be an example to us - especially when it involves taking care of the earth.  
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