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Shopping Day!

Posted Apr 09 2009 7:15pm
Yay! My friend Jen and I went on a pre-wedding girl's shopping day. She is getting married the weekend before we are. We (over)indulged in Japanese food, chocolate, and sweet sweet sugary soda! Hehehe! Fun!

I found a bunch of great little treats and thought I'd share!

Pardon the lame pic (stolen from the Interbot!), but whoa! Look at this crazy tote! I got one on sale for $7. It's made by Parcel and is recycled fabric. Each little colored part is a zippered compartment. My inner 3rd grader is VERY happy about this!!! Apparently it spells "Peace" which I did not know until I was googling pictures. I prefer to think of it as an homage to Lucky Charms marshmallows :)

And the makeup!! As I told Jen, for a girl who barely wears makeup, I sure do love it! Hard Candy is a cruelty-free company with lots of vegan items, which I love. I found some great eyeshadow palettes for $2.99! Bargain!

They are called Sonic & Star...lots of foolproof combos in golden and purplish colors.
And finally, for good measure, some hippie-tastic organic Nature's Gate orange & patchouli lotion. I love this stuff! I especially love it at $3.99.
In conclusion...I heart those fancy discount stores who make my snobby taste in toiletries and accessories a reality!! (Also, thanks to Old Navy, who makes Popsicle colored underwear and cheap coffee thermoses with happy messages on them! Whooohooo!)
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