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Shark Myths Quiz: Shark vs. Orca

Posted Aug 06 2012 8:03pm

Killer whale vs. great white It's shark season, which means Discovery Channel's annual  Shark Week is almost here. Before the week of razor teeth and ominous fins begins, take our quiz to see if you know your shark facts from fiction. (Hint: Don't believe everything you saw in Jaws.)   

Shark Myths Quiz:

2.) Sharks have no predators and are at the top of the ocean food chain. True or False?



 False! Sharks, even great whites , have predators. In the ocean, even the top predator can't face off against an orca. Yes, that's right — killer whales have been known to eat great white sharks when they aren't enjoying a snack of grey whale or blubbery seal. Orcas are extreme connoisseurs and only eat parts of the animals they kill. When it comes to sharks, orcas enjoy the fine taste of fresh great white shark liver. Nothing can stand in the way of this meal, not even seven rows of mean, sharp teeth.  


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--photo courtesy of istock/dpruter 

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