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See Salt, Sea Salt?

Posted Aug 24 2008 2:23pm 1 Comment
Regular table salt is probably not something you think about having weird stuff in, but think again! It can have dextrose, weird fillers, and gluten. Plus it's whitened by some weird bleaching process, and turned nito another typical American non-food. We use sea salt and Himalayan salt. True sea salt isn't white but a little grayish because of the minerals...

According to Donna Gates, a nutritionist, here's the deal on processed salt:

Flavorful Poison

Regular table salt, or iodized salt, is highly refined and has additives like sugar, chemicals, and preservatives. Many of the preservatives are not required to be listed on the container and include ferrocyanide, magnesium carbonate, and aluminum hydroxide .

These extra ingredients improve the pour-ability of standard salt, but they are not necessarily meant for human consumption . In fact, high levels of aluminum are believed to be a major factor in the prevalence of Alzheimer's in the U.S.

Standard salt undergoes a refining process that strips it of 60 trace minerals , leaving a nutrient-free flavoring. Manufacturers put this refined salt into almost every prepared food, and it's even present in municipal water sources.

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Hi Marie great post,

Instead of sodium chloride or even sea or Celtic salt which is around 45 minerals however potentially has petro chemicals or heavy metals from our polluted oceans I have found that which is 84 ionic minerals and in similar proportions to our blood not only introduces key minerals into our body but they say alkalizes the body and reduces blood pressure.

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