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Save Money My Top Ten Tips for Reducing Energy Usage In Your Home!

Posted Oct 30 2009 11:01pm


According to a 2009 report from McKinsey & Company, Americans are wasting $130 billion annually on energy. This means we are spending way too much money due to inefficiency in our homes. During a difficult economic time, watching our utility usage is so critical, it can sometimes mean the difference between losing a home and saving a home.

Below are the Top 10 Tips For Reducing Energy Usage – my personal recommendations for running a household that saves money and energy:

  1. Audit your household to understand how much energy you are using and where you might best save energy. Utility companies provide free audits if you request them.
  2. Heating and Air-Conditioning is the number one consumer of energy in a home. Turn the thermostat down four degrees and utilize an automated energy-star thermostat if you are able.
  3. Replace all traditional light bulbs with LEDs or CFL’s which utilize far less energy. Remember to dispose of CFL’s properly – they contain mercury.
  4. Turn off lights, air conditioner, and furnace when not in use.
  5. Beware of “vampire power” and unplug wall warts, standby electronics and anything else which might be plugged in but not turned on.
  6. Water heating is the third largest consumption of energy in your home. Insulate the water heater and water pipes to maintain their efficiency.
  7. Seal air leaks with storm window covers. Insulate windows with closed curtains.
  8. Avoid using your fireplace – especially when the temperature outside ducks below 30 degrees Fahrenheit - it sucks a tremendous amount of heated air from your home.
  9. Close doors, especially at night, to contain heat in bedrooms.
  10. Weatherize home by insulating the attic and sealing leaks.

To reduce electrical usage in my home, I use automated light timers and motion sensitive lighting. Recently the Datexx Company * provided me with two of their products to test – The UTimer (see above) and the Smart Rechargeable LED Light. Guess what? I really like both of them and found they did help me reduce electricity usage.

Here is how they work – the UTimer gets plugged into an outlet and also into a lamp. It turns the lights on automatically in the evenings when the light changes to dusk; no complicated timers to program. If you like, it provides an led night light for you which uses only a tiny bit of electricity. Every day I used to turn the lights on way sooner than dusk; this timer has encouraged me to be a little bit greener by utilizing day-light for a longer period.

The Smart Rechargeable LED Light is a power failure light, motion detector light, photo-electric night light, and 8-hour emergency flashlight all built into one. I love this as it is a great night light in the hallway and allows us to go up and down the hallway without turning on more powerful energy-sucking overhead lights because of its awesome motion sensor.

Both of these products help you with the #4 item above – turn the electricity off when not in use. To purchase these products, simply go online to the Datexx Company.

Shawna Coronado says Get Healthy! Get Green! Get Community!, The Green Blog -, or The Garden Blog -

*These products were sent to me at no cost - I tested them for several months in my own home. My review is wholly honest, my own opinion, and not based on additional payment from the Datexx company in any form. In fact, my agreement with them is that I would review their product in a totally honest fashion, keeping my readers and viewers needs at the top of the priority list when considering this product’s recommendation and use.

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