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Safe and Healthy Halloween Treats Under a Dollar

Posted Aug 26 2008 11:36pm

Each year instead of candy, we give out small trinkets and toys for Halloween. I’ve thought about handing out food that is not candy but, that inevitably gets one labeled as: “the place they give out healthy stuff”; never a good thing in children’s minds. (It tends to be expensive too!)

Instead we choose to distribute cheap, plastic inexpensive toys So far, the toy distribution has worked well. I have a whole bag ready for this year. However….as I dig through the bag of Halloween treats I find myself mumbling,

“Hmmm…could be phthalates in this rubber ball”

”Oh, I wonder if this is lead paint?”

“This could be a choking hazard”

“ What junk!”

Sigh. I purchased most of the small trinkets at the dollar store last year then wrote this post.
Now I find many of the items on my list downright scary! So, as I get ready for Halloween this year, I again find myself again cruising the web for a list of inexpensive alternatives to candy. This time though it’s alternatives to candy, dangerous toys and made in China.

Fortunately, I stumbled upon a few great ideas. Crunchy Domestic Goddess gives her Halloween recommendations here.Green is filled with hundreds of ideas for greening Halloween.

A number of items on these lists are though…shall we say…out of my price range. I want to give out healthy Halloween treats and not blow my budget doing it. So, I’ve created my own list of inexpensive trinkets to distribute on Halloween. Most can be purchased at your local craft or sewing store. Most are under a dollar. Some can be found in your back yard for free. None contain lead, phthalates, cadmium or hopefully any other scary chemicals. Check for made in China though…no guarantees on that!


Pipe cleaners
Wooden beads
Small polished rocks
Bags of buttons
Wooden animals
Wooden craft people
Fabric masks
Craft Miniatures
Band-aids WITHOUT characters
Large marbles
Tiny balls of yarn
Packets of seeds
Wooden tops
Paper fans

The Green Halloween logo appearing on the top of this post is a trademark of Green Go visit them for more great eco-friendly Halloween ideas!

For more great Works for me Wednesday ideas visit Rocks in My Dryer

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