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Riviera Maya Eco-Adventure - Cenote Snorkeling and Cliff Diving

Posted Apr 12 2010 6:26am
Mexico Garden of Eden.jpg

Cliff jumping at Jardin de Eden Cenote, near Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.

Heart racing, I watch as my dare-devil nine year old daughter jumps off a 20' cliff into Jardin de Eden (the Garden of Eden) Cenote . As she silently falls her face is filled with excitement until she splashes noisily into the crystal clear water. Later we snorkel together, examining the small fishes that make the cenote their home.  

Cenotes are surface connections to subterranean water bodies. Cenote water is very clear and clean because the water comes from rain water infiltrating slowly through the limestone, which stretches across the Mexican Yucatan Peninsula land mass like a blanket. All the cenote systems in the Yucatan eventually connect together. Because it is a major source of fresh drinking water, it is extremely important to keep the cenote's free of chemicals and litter. Warnings are repeatedly given from tour guides on the importance of keeping the water clean so the Mayan locals will be able to drink from it.

Jardin de Eden (the Garden of Eden) Cenote is located on the Riviera Maya . Jungles near Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, protect its beauty. Beneath the water is an amazing world filled with green moss and unusual limestone formations. With a snorkel mask on, one can see the green moss covers the limestone thickly. It is caused by exposure to the sun.

Thumbnail image for Mexico Garden of Eden Snorkel.jpg

This greening is unusual as most cenote's are remarkably clear of green life because cenotes are mostly found in dark caves. This cenote's roof has collapsed long ago and it now appears to be an open pond. It is quite deep - over 30' deep in most places - and what distinguishes it from an ordinary pond is the cold cenote water, which is always moving. It comes from the underground cave systems and returns to the cave systems after a short stay at the cenote location.

Jumping off cliffs and snorkeling about the cenote, one can see small fish, ducks, and other local wildlife. For my daughter, this is a priceless education; being a part of nature and totally immersing oneself in a different natural eco-system than the one you are used to is inspiring. Click through to the above video above to see our snorkeling and cliff diving experiences. Amazing!

Mexico Garden of Eden Dive.jpg

Divers traverse the amazing limestone formations beneath the water at Jardin de Eden, near Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.

Please visit to learn more about this awesome cenote eco-adventure along with other eco-adventures on the Yucatan Peninsula coast in Mexico.

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