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Retailers listen up - -Bag? Who needs a stinkin bag?

Posted Feb 23 2009 10:43pm

Bags. We get them at every store we go to. Heaps and heaps of bags.

It takes a lot of energy and resources to make a bag and each year across the globe an estimated 500 billion to one trillion plastic bags are used according to Only a small fraction of plastic bags are recycled.

Plastic bags are made from ethylene, a petroleum byproduct. In the United  States, approximately 12 million barrels of oil is used annually to make plastic bags that Americans consume. Book Receipt

You can imagine my happy surprise when I received this email from my friend and green enthusiast, Eileen Landau, the other day, “Yesterday I stopped at Borders. The cashier rang me up and put the receipt inside the book...then handed the book to me. I was stunned and asked her about bags. She said that the company decided several weeks ago to only use bags if the customer asked. Great. Less use of plastic! Might get more people to carry a reusable bag around with them. Like I only have five or so in the car at all times, right? It reminds me of shopping in England back in the '70's. You went from store to store and carried net bags to hold your food in.”

Today I tested it out – went to the nearest Borders to purchase a paperback and you can see above how they handed it to me – with the receipts tucked in the front cover. LOVE IT!

What a fantastic idea. Retailers heed the example of Border Books and stop handing out useless oil-based plastic bags. Make a difference for our world!

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