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Respecting people’s time

Posted Jan 19 2009 1:26am

What is it with people who don’t respect other people’s time?
I mean time is precious…you can’t save it, you can’t use it later, you can’t give it, you can’t put a hold on it.
You simply live in the now, in that moment, right then.


If you make plans or have obligations at a certain time, then be on time.
Others make their plans based on you being on time….
be it serving or helping at church, going to dinner, picking someone up at the airport.
Whatever it is you’re supposed to be doing…be on time.
Do not have people waiting on you, that’s disrespectful.
It gives the appearance that you think that you are more important than the other person/people involved and that they simply can wait.
There are always consequences for actions.
Other people’s schedules get altered and affected needlessly…all because of being disrespectful to others.

Doctors charge cancellation fees if you don’t show up for an appointment (though they usually leave you sitting in a room waiting on them forever…ironic isn’t it). Perhaps that was a bad example, but regardless if you’re supposed to be somewhere at a certain time… be there on time.


If you’re late or not going to be there at all, call or let the person who’s waiting on you know beforehand so they can plan accordingly. Do not just have them waiting and waiting needlessly. That’s a sign of total disrespect again giving off the “my time is more important than yours” persona.

Here in South Florida people have two time zones:
one is latin time or cuban time as many refer to it where if you want someone to be somewhere on time, you tell them they need to be there an hour earlier than the real time and then they might be there only half hour late
and then there’s regular time which sadly means being on time which many down here don’t grasp.

Granted, I’ve been in South Florida since 1985 and 23 years later I still am obnoxiously early as others point out. This really means that I’m on time or 5-10 mins early. Apparently being early isn’t a common practice here. Though it should be. Anyhow, my point is…your time is no more important than the next person’s so be respectful and be on time.

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