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Respect. Respect Yourself. Respect the Environment. Respect.

Posted Jul 15 2009 12:16am

Though we may all find ourselves caught up in Bruno mania, let us not forget Sasha Baron Cohen’s original alter ego, the boorish and incorrigible English wankster, Ali G. Here, Ali G speaks with British university professors and politicians about the importance of recycling. Mr. G begs the question, “Ain’t it dirty to use somefing that has been used before?” The answer: No.Recycling is not only necessary in maintaining a clean and sustainable planet, but also completely natural. While he’s horrified to discover that that his old bath water might someday become his drinking water, he still expresses mad respect for the planet, and so can we with the help of a few simple tips:


Know where you can go to recycle what: Earth 911 provides an easy-to-use search engine to help you find local recycling centers.


Buy products made from recycled materials: Check the labels on clothes, boxes, and containers. Buying recycled products can support the planet as much as recycling can. EPA


Reduce and Reuse: Recycling whenever possible is integral in maintaining a healthy environment, but consuming less and reusing products are the first steps in producing less garbage. Planet Green


--Julia Gelbaum

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