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Repair a Dell Inspiron 1520 Battery that is Not Charging

Posted Jul 05 2013 6:11am

If you experience frequent power surges, your computer shuts down unexpectedly, or your Dell  Inspiron 1520 battery  seems to hold less charge than normal, do the following to try to restore its lost glory: first, confirm that your laptop of the Dell Inspiron 1520 adapter you use to charge the battery are not the source of the problem. Take your adaptor and place it on a white sheet of paper. Look for signs of damage such as burns, cracks, or frayed. Such flaws are easy to identify because the white background of the sheet reflects light, illuminating the charger well. Next, buy a multimeter or borrow one from a friend. Check that each contact of the adapter is working well and that the correct voltage is reaching the power tip of the adapter. Replace any adapter that does not pass this test. If your  Dell adapter for Inspiron 1520  is working well, check your laptop to make sure it is okay too. Remove the battery for Dell Inspiron 1520 in your laptop and power your laptop directly from the electrical outlet. If it boots well and stays powered as long as there is electricity, you battery is faulty. The following steps can help you to repair it:


Step 1: Clean theBattery

The Dell Inspiron 1520 battery in your laptop is confined to a small place at the back of your laptop. As you use the laptop outdoors, place, or store it on a dirty surface when not in use, grime and dirt can accumulate around the battery and cause conductivity issues. When you are trying to repair your battery for Dell Inspiron 1520, check your accessory to make sure that the foregoing is not the source of your troubles. If you had removed the battery from its compartment during the preparatory phase, place it on a clean towel and check it for signs of wear and tear. Ensure that the battery does not get in contact with a metal faucet or surface. Such materials have static energy that can shoot your battery and damage it permanently. If the battery looks good, clean its contacts well using rubbing alcohol and try it again.


Step 2: Freeze theBattery

The cells in a Dell Inspiron 1520 battery pack consist of a positive electrode, a negative electrode, and an electrolyte medium, which allows exchange of ions. When such components malfunction or the chemical composition of the cells destabilizes, a perfect battery for Dell Inspiron can malfunction, or die without warning. Freezing such a battery for between eight and ten hours can prime its chemicals and spring it back to life. Take the  new Dell laptop battery  that you cleaned in step 1 and wrap it in a clean zipper back. Ensure that you do not trap air in the bag to lower condensation. When you go to bed at night, place the battery on the lower deck (usually 4 degrees Celsius) of your refrigerator, and let it chill overnight. Remove it from the refrigerator and let it thaw at room temperature. Finally, dry it using a clean towel and install it in your laptop. If your battery for Dell Inspiron 1520 fails to charge at this point, there is a high chance that one or more cells in the pack have malfunctioned. If you do not have money to buy a new battery, simply pry open the battery's case and remove whichever battery that is causing the problem.


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