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Reduce waste in the landfills with renewable co2 reducing product, SpillRamp

Posted Feb 24 2010 7:42pm

There is a large amount of waste cause by the use of papertowels, and the activity of cleaning in general. Rather than using a napkin once to clean a small spill, it's better to use the SpillRamp which can be used to simply push the liquid into a container, rather than using up a towel. When cleaning large windows, rather than people using towels, most people use squeegees to simply push the liquid off the surface rather than soaking it up into a towel. A similar approach should be applied to picking up liquid on a horrizontal surface. The problem with lifting liquid from a horrizontal surface is elevation the liquid from the surface. The SpillRamp simply pushes us liquid waste up a ramp and into a container which reduces paper towel waste in landfills. The spillramp reduces the need to use any kind of towel, paper or cloth. Reducing the need to use cloth towels to pick up spills reduces energy consumption of using a washing machine to clean the cloth and a dryer to free it of moisture. This product in turn reduces carbon dioxide produced! There is a video of the best environmentally friendly product of 2010 on


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