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red panda kigurumi

Posted Sep 30 2013 3:13am

The red panda is also known as the red panda, and because of this reason, many visitors will be misinterpreted as baby panda is the giant panda, red panda has a name is called nine section fox, due to its tail is made up of yellow and white nine sections. In wolong giant panda protection and research center of China's small house you can get a feel for their elegant demeanour, they're like human friend, you are the red panda enclosure, raising staff will give you some they like to eat fruit or cookies and other food, put the food on his hands in his heart, they will run to come over to be close to you, sometimes, finished eating the food does not leave, like a little child ShuaLaiPi, until their keepers in food decoys, you will be able to get away. But you don't worry, they won't hurt you.

look adult onesies red panda and other panda.

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