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Recycling Plastic Bags

Posted Mar 24 2009 3:43pm
Facts about Plastic Bags:

Using paper bags vs. plastic uses twice the CO2.

Plastic bag production uses only 4% of the water needed to produce paper bags.

Using paper bags creates almost 5 times more solid waste than plastic bags.

The dominant end use of plastic/film recycling is composite decking.*

There has been some confusion about how and where to recycle plastic bags. Some municipalities tell you that they only recycle refuse which is the case where I live. Several of my neighbors attempt to "recycle" their plastic bags, dry cleaning bags and newspaper bags, and meanwhile, they are being thrown right in the garbage.

In an effort to clarify the situation, I have come across a fantastic website called They post very useful information about which plastic bags are acceptable to recycle and where you can drop them off. In addition to major recycling centers, many retail stores such as Walmart, CVS and Stop & Shop Supermarkets will take your plastic bags.

To learn what plastic bags, if any, are allowable for curbside pickup with your regular recycling, please contact your local municipality.

* Source:
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