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Random notes: Creepy Burger King ad campaign targets moms; Starbuck's deconstructing; and more on the Unintended Garden

Posted Sep 13 2008 11:53pm
Fresh from a vacation in Tahoe... I'm back with some random notes for the day:

Creepy Burger King ad campaign targets moms
Moms beware, Burger King wants you to cave in to the whines from the back seat. Fueled by efforts to remodel itself to remain competitive, its bringing out a "mini-me" version of the King, a creepy big-headed plastic mascot of BK. The King himself was creepy enough, now we need to see his progeny? Beware of "Little King."

The unveiling of "Little King" is an effort to sell its new new kids meal featuring a four-ounce serving of Kraft macaroni and cheese, lowfat milk , "Fresh Apple Fries", which are uncooked apple slices shaped like french fries and served with low-fat caramel dipping sauce. The meal went on sale yesterday for $3.49 and will be a permanent fixture on Burger King's menu. The ads begin airing July 7.

This is from the same company that brought us the " Now You Can Eat and Pay Rent" campaign.... Burger King, give our moms a little more credit than that... more lame ads aren't going to buy you credibility, people (especially moms) are smarter than that.

More on this madness.... here.

Starbuck's Deconstructing
You mean I can't have a Starbuck's on every corner... darn! Bit by the economy and dare I say.... overstauration of the market, Starbuck's says it will close 600 stores, 8.5% of its 7,100 stores. This is an expansion of the 100-store closing goal announced earlier in the year.

Too big, too fast, too much.... seems to be a common theme these days, Starbuck's not excluded....

Latest Find in the Unintended Garden In an earlier post, I described the unintended plants cropping up in a bed of bamboo that I spread rough compost (kitchen vegetables scraps are a frequent addition) on a few months earlier. One of the plants, which we could not figure out what it was, revealed itself today. Yes, that's a tiny potato in my hand.

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