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"You Are Never Given a Dream Without Also Being Given the Ability to Make It Come True"

Posted Oct 21 2008 12:12am

So we've been taking my mom to Harry's Farmers Market every couple weeks. Harry's is owned by Whole Foods and is a huge, wonderful, wide-aisled, abundant, less slick (and a little bit less expensive) version of its parent. As for my younger daughter, it's simply the place "with all the samples" and she proceeds to find and taste them all. She also tends to talk my mother into buying a couple things that weren't on her list, which somehow then make it into my bag when it's time to go home. Pomegranate yogurt goji berries? Arden's Garden Cha Cha Cherry juice? Yep. Those ended up in my home yesterday somehow.

Anyway, so I left them scooting around on the motorized wheelchair (Mom is doing great, by the way, since her accident back in February) and headed off in search of my own particular brand of investigative journalism. And there, outside in the garden center, I saw it. Finally! Farmer D's freestanding biodynamic compost display, made of reclaimed wood to resemble a barn or shed and truly evoke the "farm feel."

I actually teared up a bit, to see Farmer D's dream finally realized. He had been talking to me about this idea for so long, and there it was. I have another friend whose book just got published (and which I'll write about soon) and I feel the same way about him, that by witnessing the actualization of others' dreams, I am reminded to keep my own dreams alive as well. I love that saying, "You are never given a dream without also being given the ability to make it come true."

As for yesterday, my only dream was a beautiful garden, and after hours of glorious, much-needed rain and this trip to my mom's and Harry's, I came home with my Farmer D compost and some new tomato, pepper and basil transplants and head on out there. I had to choose carefully who would get the compost because I didn't have enough for all my plants (it's expensive--worth every penny, but expensive). So I walked around, looking each plant in the eye (if you can do such a thing) and doling out the black gold judiciously.

Some native grasses are growing in patches where they didn't grow before. Rye and hairy vetch and clover all undulated in the gentle breezes, and I felt a little bit more wildness working its way into my garden design, and it looked so gorgeous to me, my vision for the space changing. The tomatoes and peppers and basil are almost secondary to what's going on out there.

What's more, my friend Judy brought me a book titled Weed 'Em and Reap about edible weeds, which I'm about halfway through already (it's a real pot boiler!) so I'm hesitant to pull up anything until I determine whether or not it would make a nice featured item in my salad or on my dinner plate.

And so, between Harry's and the spring and summer crops and the weeds and Farmer D's biodynamic compost, it was only natural to choose number 5, Eat Healthy, for today's Every Monday Matters, even though it's obvious for us kitchen gardeners. On a day like yesterday, when beauty and bounty surrounded me, it seemed like I was seeing the garden, once more, for the very first time. And yes, I fell in love with it all over again.
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