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Quick Gift Idea

Posted Sep 12 2008 11:43am

I keep discovering different blog activities for every day of the week. Usually I pass, primarily because I can’t think of anything to contribute. Since between birthdays and the holidays, we’ve been in serious gift giving mode the last month or so, I did find that I had a “ Works for me Wednesday” at Rocks in My Dryer, contribution this week.

Often I find that while I have selected the perfect gift for one of the Hamster’s friends, I feel, for one reason or another – it’s not enough. I admit, I bow to peer pressure and worry that my present will fall short of expectations. So, I keep a stock of handy little, add on, presents around for those times.

One great gift to tie on the top of a brightly, if sometimes sloppily, wrapped present is a bag of buttons. This works for his preschooler friends and my not quite crafty friends too.

Since the Hamster was old enough not to swallow them whole, we have kept a basket of buttons around. He uses them in his stories, as coins, rocks and tiny tables. He dumps them out as snow or rain and runs his hands through them just for the tactile joy. I do too, sometimes – it can be quite soothing.

Bags of assorted buttons and the tiny net bags in which to pack them can be found at most craft stores. Look in the wedding section for the bags. The buttons may be in sewing but are often with the beads and sequins. Admittedly, I use wooden buttons for my crunchy friends…but “not quite crunchy” types like plastic too!

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