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Putting a Positive Spin on Things (From a Spinning Composter to an Update on Danielle Ross, Unicyclist!)

Posted Feb 24 2013 7:35am
So I'm on my little backyard patio, slicing the tops (I don't like to eat them when they get too big) and roots off turnips and adding them to my Envirocycle spinning composter (I have two so that there is fresh compost every single month from one of them). I've been picking turnips each week for a couple of months now. I planted them too close together and they don't get much bigger than this, but they are sweet and plentiful and we like them. (And I promise I will stop writing about them!)

But I digress. This post is not about the turnips.

So, I'm slicing the turnips and I get to thinking (as usual). So many things are happening right now, close to home. Health checkups. College choices. Career challenges.

And in my community. A school system in crisis. Constant fighting about absolutely everything. (Whatever happened to my hope for "We can build a beautiful city, yes we can, yes we can" ?) Little inspiring leadership. And this nagging concern of mine that a lock will soon appear somewhere where I don't believe a lock should ever be. Literally. Philosophically.

And in my country. Mere days from government furloughs that will hit those close to me in so, so many ways. And this penetrating, pride-less, negative loop into which we seem to have gotten ourselves over absolutely everything.

And in the world. The weight of it all could crush the strongest spirit. 

I slice. 

I slice. 

I slice.

And then . . . 

I go back inside, pop the turnips in the oven, and check my email and I find one from Danielle Ross. You remember her, yes? I somehow inspired this woman to learn how to ride a unicycle , and she simply hasn't stopped. In her latest update, she tells me how she met a woman on a unicycling Facebook group (yes, they exist) and was on her way (on the train, holding her unicycle) to ride with her, when she met a guy who, turns out, is a unicyclist as well and he joined them. And this is what happened next:

And, you know what?  That story makes me happy. It reconfirms for me that life is a cycle--an Envirocycle, a unicycle--and we don't have to simply "go in circles" with nothing to show for it. We can break out of the negative loop. We can feel pride in what we do each day, no matter what else is happening around us, by taking a small action that somehow adds up over time. We can stay unlocked to possibilities and people. 

And as so many things around us spin out of control, we can put a positive spin on things. And, in doing so, create our own world-changing revolutions.

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eclectic food-for-thought for a changing world
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