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Put Together a Recycling Extravaganza Event and Make A Difference!

Posted May 15 2009 10:46pm

Kay McKeen and my daughter at Wheaton Recycling Extravaganza     When I met Kay McKeen, the first thing she said to me was, “You really need to come to the Wheaton Recycling Extravaganza.” This was years ago, and I am more than happy I followed her advice.

Dupage County, Illinois sponsors multiple recycling events every year. Hundreds of volunteers participate, including the School and Community Assistance for Recycling & Composting Education (S.C.A.R.C.E.), run by Kay McKeen. Here you see a photo of Kay with my youngest daughter at one of these special recycling events. Book Swap Tables at Recycling Extravaganza

Recycling Extravaganza’s involve far more than simply turning in some aluminum cans. These events recycle everything imaginable and make a true difference in hundreds of people’s lives. This year alone, the Wheaton event collected 37,688 pounds of electronics, 2 roll up dumpsters full of scrap metal, 109 solid lead acid batteries, 46 fire extinguishers, 37 bicycles, 143 American flags, 342 eyeglasses, 8 hearing aids, 215 cell phones, 216 ink cartridges, 8 pounds of keys, 20 crutches, 5 medical assistance walkers, 4 wheelchairs, 4 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         large boxes of sterile bandages, 1 SUV load of styrofoam packaging for reuse, one pick up truck of scrap metal donations were taken to the resale shop, 6,200 pounds of books, and 1,500 books were reused in the book swap.

Absolutely amazing! All of that was saved from the landfill. This is “making a difference” on a grand level and every community in the world should be doing this type of work to help reuse resources and keep our landfills from overfilling.

What I noticed when walking around all the recycling stations, was that people were absolutely proud to be a part of the experience. Below is a photo of the American Legion men who were in charge of the flag retirement station. They were proud to be out that day, doing something special for their community.


At the Wheaton, Illinois Recycling Extravaganza, the volunteers set up stations in a parking lot. Donators drive in the parking lot and around a simple “track” where the various stations are located. Volunteers collect the material and the drivers never have to get out of their cars. Simple. Easy. It runs like clock work.

Your community can sponsor a green event like this as well. Get people together to make a difference for our landfills. Imagine what books, medical supplies, wheelchairs, and eyeglasses might mean to members of your community who need them but cannot afford them. These recycling events are now touching the global community. S.C.A.R.C.E. sends the books they collect wherever needed – including many third world countries. Having an event like this is important and is a wonderful opportunity to help others.

For further information on Kay McKeen and her green team at S.C.A.R.C.E., please link through and read here – Contact S.C.A.R.C.E. for additional community ideas at

Plan a Recycling Event in your community and make a difference for the world!

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