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Purple rice, purple rice!

Posted Jun 13 2009 12:18am

Yes, sing that title to the tune of "Purple Rain!" Yeah!

In my last post I mentioned purple rice. It's made me so happy that I though I would share.
Alter Eco Purple Jasmine Rice (Khao Gram variety) is a unique purple grain that is glutinous when cooked and has a delicate, sweet palate. Due to its rich taste and aesthetic appeal, this traditional rice is used by local communities for feasts and celebrations. It is grown exclusively in the fertile soil of the Esan Plateau, in the East of Thailand, situated close to the Cambodian border. This particular region has the ideal combination of soil and climatic conditions to produce nutritious and flavorful rice.

The purple rice is mixed with naturally perfumed White Jasmine rice to give it an ideal texture while retaining its vibrant purple color and sweet flavor.

Farmers of the Phakao Cooperative cultivate the Alter Eco Purple rice using traditional methods that ensure quality and respect for the environment. Chemical fertilizers and pesticides have been replaced with organic fertilizers and natural plant extracts to produce this premium quality, environmentally friendly rice. As such, the farmers of Phakao are contributing to a sustainable form of agriculture and preserving their cultural heritage.
Over the last few decades, production of this traditional rice was gradually abandoned in favor of the White Jasmine rice for which there was a greater demand. As a direct result of Alter Eco's development projects, this rice is again being grown and rediscovered.

Check it out!
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