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Possible Tie-In Here? (And a Bonus Potato-Planting Tutorial for You)

Posted Jan 18 2013 5:57am
Is it just me or is this a possible tie-in opportunity? I saw this coffee last night while "killing time" at Whole Foods while waiting to pick up my younger daughter somewhere. I don't know the folks at this Atlanta "micro-roaster" (although I would be happy to tour their operation and write about it, as I did with Land of a Thousand Hills ).  Maybe they would want to get involved with the Naked Truth about Hunger campaign --"nekked" is exactly how Lady of the Lettuce pronounces it as well! Maybe they just have coffee bean sacks we can use in which to grow potatoes . . . .

You see?  This is how you trust the journey.

Oh, and the quick 3-minute video tutorial below shows how I plant potatoes with burlap sacks. In metro-Atlanta, I do this on February 15 every year (I usually just do it right in the ground, but the sacks are cute although they disintegrate within one growing season--I am also looking for poly-woven bean and rice bags to use). I harvest new potatoes starting in about mid-April and then for a good solid month. If you do it much later, it simply gets too hot here. "Seed potatoes" from the catalogs are not available in time.  Get organic (so they weren't treated with a growth retardant) potatoes from the supermarket and let them grow eyes, or ask the store to donate ones they deem unsellable for this reason.

How to Plant Potatoes from Pattie Baker on Vimeo .

Food for thought on a joy-based journey.
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