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Plastic shopping bags: The British make the move towards a ban, United States?

Posted Sep 13 2008 11:53pm
British Prime Minister Gordon Brown signaled late last week that he would push legislation requiring British supermarkets towards no longer giving away one-use plastic shopping bags away for free, requiring shoppers pay a fee per bag.

Ireland enacted a similar law, known as a "plastax" of 15 cents per bag and saw a 90% drop in the use of one-use plastic bags.

Other countries are following suit.
Dubbed the "urban tumbleweed," plastic bags are an environmental menace. Billions worldwide are produced with oil, an increasingly scarce resource, they clog waterways, litter trees and pollute our oceans killing thousands of birds and sea animals every year.

Modbury, in Britain, declared itself the first town in the British Isles to become plastic bag free. No doubt PM Brown's move will lead to an eventual all-out ban.

So Britain goes, hopefully soon will the United States? One could only hope.


photo credit: "violent visions of setting sail", taken March 3, 2008, Sacramento, CA
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