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Plastic-free Baby Dishes

Posted Jun 05 2009 5:07pm
When buying dishware for yourself or your baby you need to think twice. Many plastic dishes have questionable chemicals in them, like polyvinyl chloride (PVC), bisphenol A (BPA), and phthalates. Manufacturers claim that these chemicals are not harmful because the amounts used are so small, but children are still developing and are small. Harmful ingredients can have a greater impact than in an adult.

Phthalates are a class of chemicals that are used in many ways such as: softener of plastic, oily texture of perfumes, lubricants, the new car smell. They are known as hormone disruptors which means they may affect your baby’s development or have a negative affect on adult fertility.

Bisphenol A which is found in polycarbonate (#7) is used in baby bottles, 5-gallon water-cooler bottles and the epoxy linings of tin food cans. It has been linked to many health
problems such as heart disease and obesity.

PVC (#3) or vinyl is one of the more toxic plastics. PVC contains phthalates that interfere with hormonal development, and its manufacture and incineration release dioxin, a potent carcinogen and hormone disruptor. When mixed with phthalate, it releases the “new car smell”. You can smell it when you walk down the toy aisle in a retail store.

Be especially careful about what type of dishes your young child uses. Some petroleum-based plastics leach harmful chemical into foods and drinks, especially when plastic comes in contact with oily or fatty foods, during heating and microwaving, as a result of harsh cleaners or scrubbing. A better idea is to avoid plastic dishes all together. Obviously glass is not a logical choice for a child. A better choice is stainless steel.

I like these dishes from No Plastic. I bought a plate, 2 bowls, flatware, and a sippy cup for my granddaughter. They are high quality and reasonably priced. There are many other kitchen items for adults to check out, too.
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