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Order Beautiful Babies and get the Popular Online E-Course For FREE! ($199 Value!)

Posted Mar 05 2013 12:10am

Post image for Order Beautiful Babies and get the Popular Online E-Course For FREE! ($199 Value!)

Want to take a comprehensive prenatal nutrition course for FREE?

No, this isn’t a giveaway. There isn’t any form to fill out or page to like. It’s available for everyone to get for free!

Here’s how… 

Kristen Michaelis of  Food Renegade  is about to release her brand new book, Beautiful Babies

This is the book I wish I had read before I got pregnant. I wish my parents and grandparents had it available to them before they had kids too!

Beautiful Babies is a brilliant synthesis of cutting-edge research and wise, hard-won experience that really drives home how crucial a nutrient-dense, real food diet is to gestating and raising healthy kids, generation after generation.

This is more than just a book on what to eat, though. It is an essential resource for anyone concerned about the effect food has on their not only their health, but their genetics.

beautifulbabies500 Beautiful Babies is a marvelous, comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about fertility, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and baby’s first foods. I think it should be required reading for all men and women preparing to be parents because—as you will discover in the book—nutrition matters that much.

If I had followed the guidance in this book, I probably could have avoided or lessened everything from my awful stretch marks, to the wretched, all-day morning sickness I endured throughout most of my pregnancy, to all the food allergies  my daughter  is recovering from. Relief from these problems alone would have been worth thousands of times the cost of the book to me!

Beautiful Babies is going to be released in softcover by on March 18, and, to celebrate the launch of her new book, Kristen is giving away free enrollment to her Beautiful Babies online course to EVERYONE who pre-orders a copy of the  Beautiful Babies  book.


EVERYONE who pre-orders the  Beautiful Babies  book before March 18 gets free lifetime access to the $199 Beautiful Babies E-course!

This deal is amazing! You’re basically getting an E-course and a paperback book for 93% off!

I’ve already given copies (plus free e-courses for each!) to my three girlfriends who are currently expecting. I mean, how often do you get to give $214 worth of really great stuff for less than $20? 

For a mere $15 (and change), you will discover…

  • Why soy can reduce your fertility
  • Why baby cereal and grains are the last foods you should introduce to your child.
  • How to reduce your chances of needing a C-section, and have an easier natural birth
  • How to use nutrition to have a pregnancy without painful swelling, morning sickness, varicose veins, or even stretch marks
  • What to eat during pregnancy to prevent your child from getting ear infections; developing asthma, allergies, behavioral problems, or even autism; and requiring eyeglasses or even braces later in life
  • What to eat so that your child can develop a beautiful, wide, and symmetrical face with high cheekbones
  • How to prevent the devastating symptoms of post-partum depression
  • What to do if you get sick while pregnant, and how to treat an infection without dangerous antibiotics
  • How to flatten your tummy after birth

With a moving introduction by famous farmer Joel Salatin, Beautiful Babies is written as though Kristen herself is talking right to you, with her “feisty spirit and mischievous humor” (as Salatin calls it). I really enjoyed reading this book as much as learning from it!

And if that weren’t enough,  Beautiful Babies  also has over 50 yummy recipes to help you and baby get the most nutrition at all stages of becoming a mother.

The FREE Beautiful Babies E-Course

The Beautiful Babies paperback was inspired by the Beautiful Babies E-Course, which you get FREE with your pre-order of the book.

The E-course has been hugely successful, and graduates of the class have been raving over it:

I want to thank you a hundred times over for the ‘Beautiful Babies’ e-course. I followed the recommendations that you made and I had a healthy, complication-free pregnancy and birth. I didn’t get any stretch marks, varicose veins, no swelling, no pre-eclampsia, etc. I had a water birth with no complications, and I didn’t use any painkillers or any drugs! I left the ‘birthing center’ the same day. I couldn’t be happier! Just 1.5 weeks after giving birth and I can fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes.

—Keri Hessel, Beautiful Babies student

“Kristen Michaelis can help rescue your child from the quagmire of unhealthy baby formulas, cereals, and jarred foods and teach you how to implement a nourishing lifestyle that is your child’s best immunization against illness. I see many happy babies growing up on these kinds of real foods, and I would like to see more.”

—Dr. Cate Shanahan, author of Deep Nutrition: Why Your Genes Need Traditional Food

The E-Course covers every subject the paperback covers, and includes:


How to Get this Awesome Deal

Step 1:  Click HERE to pre-order the Beautiful Babies book on Amazon . You won’t be charged for the book until it’s shipped next month (That’s just how Amazon handles pre-orders; you lock in the pre-order price and then pay when the book actually ships). Kindle is not yet available.

Step 2: Forward your receipt from Amazon to Kristen at this email address: (Do not use Amazon’s email receipt function. You have to mail your receipt from your own email account on your computer.)

Step 3: Kristen will email you the coupon code for FREE enrollment in the Beautiful Babies online course. Look for it in your inbox! (Be sure to allow emails from past your spam filter.)

Step 4: Sign up for the E-course to start learning everything you need to know about how to have a Beautiful Baby today, while waiting for your awesome new book to be shipped to your home later this month!

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